7 Practical Ways To Overcome Loneliness

Do you feel lonely? I know you have a lot of things to tell someone but no one is a listener right. This is a common issue now a day.

A person may have lots of followers on social media but if they don’t have any real friends then it makes no sense.

To live alone and feel alone, both are different things. To live alone is a physical state when no one around you while feeling loneliness is mental state it doesn’t matter people around you or not.

To live alone is not a bad thing, actually, it is good for explore yourself. But feeling lonely is not a good thing it affects your mental health.

How and when we feel Loneliness?

One of the main reasons to feel loneliness is the wrong company. For example, you invited to a party where no one knows you and no one talking to you then you may start feeling lonely.

One more reason to feel lonely is the Internet. Internet is good if you use it for your improvement. But many people not used the internet properly and this type of problem that occurs.

Now a day people focusing on increasing followers on social media and that’s sometimes they forget to make real friends.

Now a day all people scrolling their social media and kids also not playing outdoor games and never talk with friends or talk less with friends. Means no one understands the quality time with their friends and family that’s why this loneliness problem occurs.

Using Internet and social media is not bad thing but we have to use it for better way.

Now follow these 7 simple ways to overcome the loneliness

1. Make real connections

Make real connection means real. Make friends in your college, in your office. Talk to them, discuss your ideas, express your feelings, discuss life problems.

By sharing things and your thoughts you feel better and you get solutions too. This is a very relaxing activity.

Make sure your connection is real and unconditional. You know what I mean. Now a day finding real friends are also impossible.

So make friends and share your thoughts.

2. Enjoy your own company

No one is live with you all the time right. Friends might be calling you, meet you but it is for few hours or few days but not all time.

So enjoy your own company and you should spend time with your work. Like work on achieving your dreams.

Self care and self love is most important.

3. Find a hobby

If you don’t have any work and hobby to do then you need to find a hobby. For finding a hobby you need to try all different activities.

Like, try to read books, join dance class, or do painting or any other activity that makes you happy and busy.

Once you find your hobby then you become busy and you can enjoy your work.

Do what you love.

4. Join communities

There are many communities on the internet or offline that have the same thinking as you. Technology, sport, art and so many communities are there to join.

Choose your community and talk with other peoples. Not join as a member share your knowledge and your thoughts too.

5. Travel to a new place

I am not talking about the expensive tours. Visit the place which is near to you and explore that place.

Spend your time with nature. Because nature heals everything. You feel better if you visit a new place. Your mind and body will be refreshed.

6. Spend time with pets

If you feel loneliness then spend time with pets. Just spend little time with pets you feel happy and motivated.

Just observe their smiles and activity you feel better and I am sure get smile on your face.

7. Walk and Talk with Yourself

Just go outside find a place where you can walk like a park or a walkway. Just walk and talk with yourself.

You and yourself are good friends. You can talk about ideas, you can motivate yourself, you can imagine together, you can discuss the future and your work.

This activity reduces this loneliness problem. You never feel alone once you start this activity.

I know many people talking with themselves but now start this activity when someone leaves you or no one is around you.

At last, by the right choice, you can overcome the loneliness problem. There are many ways to overcome loneliness just you have to think smartly.

Hope these ways are helpful. Share with your friends and family.

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