Prototype Suit: This is the first costume worn by Daredevil.

Yellow and Black Suit: Early in his career Daredevil wore a yellow and black body suit with a large red D on the chest.

Red Suit: Daredevil later retired his yellow and black suit and created his red costume

Armored Suit: Daredevil donned a heavily armored suit after his red suit was destroyed in battle against the Wild Pack.

Shadowland Suit: Daredevil wore this suit while possessed by The Beast.

In an alternate future, Sam Fisk had this suit created to atone for his family's sins and honor the legacy of his predecessor.

In Earth-701306, Matt Murdock wears a red leather suit with the double-D symbol on the left breastplate.

In Earth-199999, Matt Murdock made Melvin Potter create him a suit in exchange for protecting his lover Betsy Beatty.

In Earth-TRN852, cleric Matt Murdock wore a red suit with a snake emblem on his chest and belt symbolizing the form Mephisto once took.